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Mission of The Monastery of The Divine Mercy in Nové Hrady

The Monastery of The Divine Mercy located in Nové Hrady in South Bohemia is owned and managed by the Papaly acknowledged catholic missionary community -  Family of Mary. It is a non-profit organisation registred in the Register of the Legal Persons by Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The task and mission of the Family of Mary is taking care of the pastoral needs and events and the material management of the monastery and the surrounding parishes of Nové Hrady, Horní Stropnice, Dobrá Voda, Rychnov and Hojná Voda. The center of all activities is the Monastery of the Divine Mercy in Nové Hrady.

Křest The main points of the pastoral activity and material management include:

  • Administration of the sacraments
  • Support of spiritual life
  • Charity
  • The development of an environment for people to meet.
  • Cultural and educational activities
  • Care for guests
  • The management of the cultural heritage of our ancestors

Sacramental service

At the monastery and in the surrounding parishes the following sacraments are celebrated (the celebration of mass - eucharist, the sacrament of reconciliation, annointing of the sick, matrimony, baptism and confirmation). The sacraments are signs of God´s love which assist individuals in their spiritual progress and their growth in holiness.

Support of spiritual life

Spiritual life and principles of the Christian life, which our culture comes from, grow and are fixed by spiritual guidance. At the Monastery of The Divine Mercy spiritual exercises, as well as chatechism classes are offered.  You can even take part in a pilgrimage and there is the possibilty for personal prayer or to participate in the liturgy of the hours.


Service to your fellow man is one of the main principles of the Christian life.  The Monastery in Nové Hrady is a regional center for charitable collections.  The monsatery also organizes a special collection on feast of the Epiphany.  The money is then used to help those in need.

The development of the environment for meeting people

Christianity is based on the personal relationship of man with God. Between man and God there should be a friendship which is then reflected in the relationship between man and other people. One needs the company of other people for his or her happiness. At the Monastery of The Divine Mercy we create an environment for people of the prayer community to meet on a regular basis – Vincence community, children, youth and all people of good will.

Cultural and educational activities

Klub maminek The Monastery of The Divine Mercy is open for all people who desire and strive for positive human values. The monastery in Nové Hrady is the organizes  different cultural and educational programs including creative workshops, ceramic club, mommies club, excursions, concerts, exhibitions, lectures and foreign language classes.

Care for guests

„Guest with us, God with us,“ says an old Czech proverb. The coming visitor is perceived as a unique creature of God to whom the monastery offers the opportunity for the renewal of physical and spiritual self. We offer accommodation in 21 rooms with 67 beds in the tranquil environment of the easteren and western wings of the building.  Also available are the baroque refectory for up to 100 boarders, a library, a beautiful garden and the monastery chapel.

The management of the cultural heritage of our ancestors

The monastery in Nové Hrady as well as most administred churches and rectories is a cultural monument carrying the cultural heritage of our ancestors. If they are well cared for and maintained, which is the goal here in our monstery, they will remain open not only to the present but also for the coming generations.

The Monastery of The Divine Mercy perfoms its function as a spiritual and cultural centre of the region of Nové Hrady.